canon lbp 6680x Used


طابعة ممتازة بها كل الامكانيات من طباعة على الوجهين وحبارة تعمل حتى 4000 ورقة
وتوصل Usb  or Lan  بها درج ومانوال لسحب الورق
الحجم صغير يناسب كل الاماكن .

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Hardware Specifications


Desktop Page Printer

Printing System

Semiconductor laser + xerographic system

Toner fixing system

On-demand fixing system


1200 dpi/600 dpi

Printing speed (Plain paper (60 to 90 g/㎡), when printing A4 size paper continuously)

・33 pages/min. (1-sided printing)

・16.8 pages/min. / 8.4 sheets/min. (2-sided printing) *1

Warm up time (Time from power on to printer ready)

28 seconds or less *2

Recovery time (Time from the sleep mode to printer ready)

・0 seconds when the printer is in Sleep Mode 1 (the Panel Off mode)

・10 seconds or less when the printer is in Sleep Mode 2 (the Deep Sleep mode) *3*4

First print time (When performing 1-sided printing on A4 size paper and outputting face-down)

7 seconds *4

Paper size

・Drawer 1/Drawer 2 (Optional)

– Standard sizes:

A4, B5, A5, A6, Legal, Letter, Executive and 16K

– Custom paper sizes:

Width 105.0 to 215.9 mm, Length 148.0 to 355.6 mm *5

・Multi-purpose tray

– Standard sizes:

A4, B5, A5, A6, Legal, Letter, Executive, Statement, 16K, Index Card, Envelope DL, Envelope No.10, Envelope ISO-C5, Envelope ISO-B5, and Envelope Monarch

– Custom paper sizes:

Width 76.2 to 215.9 mm, Length 127.0 to 355.6 mm *6

Paper capacity

・Drawer 1: Approx. 250 sheets

・Drawer 2 (Optional): Approx. 500 sheets

・Multi-purpose tray: Approx. 50 sheets

2-sided printing

A4, Legal, Letter

Paper output


Output capacity

・Output tray: Approx. 150 sheets

・Sub-output tray: 1 sheet

Noise (measured in accordance with ISO 7779, declared noise emission in accordance with ISO 9296)

・LwAd (declared A-weighted sound power level (1 B = 10 dB))

– During standby: Inaudible *7

– During operation: 7.06 B or less

・LpAm (declared A-weighted sound pressure level (bystander position))

– During standby: Inaudible *7

– During operation: 54.2 dB

Operating environment (Printer unit only)

・Operating environment

– Temperature range: 10 to 30°C (50 to 86°F)

– Humidity range: 20 to 80% RH (no condensation)

Power supply

220 to 240 V (±10%), 50/60 Hz (±2 Hz)

Power consumption (at 20°C (68°F))

・Maximum: 1,140 W or less

・Average during operation: Approx. 560 W

・Average during standby: Approx. 14 W

・Average during Panel Off Mode (Sleep Mode 1): Approx. 14 W

・Average during Deep Sleep Mode (Sleep Mode 2): Approx. 1 W *3

・When the main power switch is turned OFF: 0.02 W or less *8


・Canon toner cartridge *9


・Printer unit and included parts

– Printer unit (excluding the toner cartridges and drum cartridge): Approx. 11.6 kg

– Toner cartridge: Approx. 0.8 kg

・Consumables and optional accessories

– Toner cartridge (standard capacity): Approx. 0.8 kg

– Toner cartridge (high capacity): Approx. 1.0 kg

– Paper Feeder Unit PF-44 (including the paper drawer): Approx. 4.1 kg